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  • Lorna Vanderhaeghe IRONsmart
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Is your "get up and go" gone?
Women are tired. We are three times more likely than men to complain of feeling fatigued. Today’s woman does not have time to be burdened by exhaustion orpoor concentration; we are too busy. Often we are so busy taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves and do not even notice visible symptoms such as dark circles under the eyes and brittle fingernails—symptoms that something is missing.
Lorna Vanderhaeghe IRONsmart (60 vegicaps)
Lorna Vanderhaeghe IRONsmart (60 vegicaps)

That missing something is iron. Iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world. One in four women suffers from low iron. So important is iron to overall health that even mild deficiencies can affect your ability to perform everyday mental and physical tasks. And you do not have to be diagnosed as anemic to feel the effects of low iron. In a 2003 British Medical Journal clinical trial involving non-anemic women, iron supplementation dramatically improved fatigue that could not be explained.

Women are more susceptible to iron deficiency anemia due to blood loss during their monthly cycles. Yet over 57 percent of women do not get adequate levels of iron from their diet. Women require up to 20 mg of iron daily during the childbearing years, but most get less than 10 mg per day from food and often it is poorly absorbed. Simply taking 10 mg of iron per day could provide us with that much needed boost of energy.  
(excerpt from IRONsmart booklet) 
Staff Picks
(Promotional Item) Webber Naturals 6 X Glucosamine/Chon, Double Strength. 900 mg, 200cap
(Promotional Item) Webber Naturals 6 X Glucosamine/Chon, Double Strength. 900 mg, 200cap
Here at NatVD.com, we are everyday people just like you.  We have busy days filled with requests from coworkers, customers, family and friends.  Sometimes there doesn't seem to be enough hours is a day.

To help make your day go a little smoother, we have made a list of our favorite products for Spring 2015.  Hopefully, save you a some time. ;)
For Joint Support
Consistently one of our top selling items, Webber Naturals Glucosamine/Chondroitin 900 mg capsules Value pack of 6 bottles is so important for anyone suffering from joint pain.  For over a decade, this product has been a "go-to" item for those looking to improve joint function and eliminate pain.  Here at NatVD.com we've made a value pack to off Canada's leading glucosamine supplement at a great price.
Glysomed Hand Cream, 50 mL
Glysomed Hand Cream, 50 mL
Skin Care -  
Glysomed Hand Cream 50 ml (GL0058) locks in moisture to relieve and help prevent dry; the triple action formula combines glycerine, silicone and chamomile to provide care for rough dry hands.  Handy travel sized tube for everyday use wherever your busy day takes you.
Protect your nose, mouth and throat -
Cultured Care Probiotic Gum BLIS-K12 Spearmint (CC5000). 
CulturedCare Oral Probiotic BLIS-K12, Organic Spearmint-Peppermint
CulturedCare Oral Probiotic BLIS-K12, Organic Spearmint-Peppermint
A probiotic gum that provides protective bacteria to prevent infection of your mouth, nose and throat.  CulturedCare Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12 is the only chewing gum dosage form of a patented oral probiotic strain – Streptococcus salivarius K12.

Organika L-Glutathione, 50 mg, 100 capsules
Organika L-Glutathione, 50 mg, 100 capsules
Used as an antioxidant for the maintenance of good health.
Glutathione is being referred to as the most important molecule.  Natvd.com carries Organika's L-Glutathione capsules in 50 mg & 100 mg formats.

Source Organika Product Pamphlet:

Glutathione is involved in many processes and serves as an antioxidant to help maintain good health.  Classified as a tripeptide, your body produces glutathione from the amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine.  Fruits such as oranges and avocados, and nuts such as walnuts contain high amounts of these glutathione precursors.

Glutathione is stored in the liver, where it functions to detoxify harmful compounds.  However, as we age, glutathione levels decline.  Symptoms of glutathione deficiency include lack of coordination, difficulty maintaining balance and tremors.  

Organika's L-Glutathione Capsules is an antioxidant for the maintenance of good health.

Organika L-Glutathione, 50 mg, 50 capsules
Organika L-Glutathione, 50 mg, 50 capsules
Used as an antioxidant for the maintenance of good health.


Balch, Phyllis A. Prescription of Nutritional Healing, 5thEd, New York; Avery 2010


Rhodiola rosea

Natural Factors Rhodiola Extract, 150mg, 60 caps
Natural Factors Rhodiola Extract, 150mg, 60 caps
Rhodiola rosea, also known as the arctic, rose, or golden root, finds its home in the mountainous regions of Asia and Europe.²,³ The plant is a perennial succulent, meaning that its leaves, being rather thick, can store a large amount water, allowing it to survive without water for long periods of time.²,⁴ Rhodiola rosea plants produce yellow flowers and have fleshy rhizomes which, when cut, smell like an attar-of-roses.

The fragrance of the rhizomes attributed to the plant’s scientific name, rhodiola rosea, given to it by Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus.² The rhizome, which is the underground section of the stem, is the part of the rhodiola rosea plant that is used in herbal medicine.²

Protecting Tender Tummies
Nature's Way Primadophilus® Kids Chewable Orange, 30 tabs
Nature's Way Primadophilus® Kids Chewable Orange, 30 tabs
Let's face it;  No matter how many times you remind your child not to put things in their mouths they are going to do it.  So no amount of hand sanitizer is going to prevent your child from picking up a nasty bug at school or day care.

It may result in a sniffle, a sore throat or a fever but worse of all it sometimes results in gastrointestinal yuckiness - diarrhea.

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