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I am glad to inform that I received the parcel on 3-3-2011.
Thanks for your great services and I hope to purchase more from you in future.

- Jimmy, 香港 (HK)

你们好!今天收到了你们邮寄给我的货,数量无误,真高兴,谢谢你们,以后还会再买的,也会介绍朋友去你们那里买。真的很感谢你们。- HEDGECOCK, 加拿大 (Canada)

Thank you very much for your very efficient and expedite response.

I really appreciate it.
- Panos, USA

Thank you so much for making the order and the parcels so organizied.
- William, 中國 (China) 



-Michael, 香港 (HK)

 I am really glad to receive the supplement. Thanks for your continuously prompt responses and sincere services.

- Violet, 香港 (HK)

I appreciate your prompt feedback and it's impressed for your good service always.

- Belinda, 台灣


- 素貞, 台灣

I am glad to informed you that I received the parcel today, thanks.
Thanks for your great services. am so sure that I will pruchase more from you in the near future.

- Jessica, 香港

Product received in good condition.  Thanks a lot.

- Fred Ho, 香港 



- Jane, 香港 

我已收到貴公司之產品, 謝謝你的妥善安排!

- Athena, 香港

Got your package on June 3, Thank you for your excellent service and help.

- Karen, 香港


- 嘉綺, 台灣

Thank you for your excellent service and for your follow-up email. I received the product which I ordered in good condition. Thank you again.

- Mohamed, Egypt

Thanks for the follow-up.

I was initially concerned that there would be a problem with shipping (Customs), but fortunately, delivery was quick.
I will definitely order from your company again.Best regards, 
- Anne, USA

I received the item today. It is great, works as described. Perfect communication and follow up, shipping on time. Would do business again, I loved it, all people should be like that.

Thank you very much. 

- Ali, Maldives


- 邱小姐, 台灣

Thank you very much.
I have received it at all and satisfied with the product quality.

- Mr. Lee, 香港

Thanks for your e-mail. I would like to make the following observations about the delivery of my order:

1. Excellent information about progress in processing order
2. Dispatch was prompt
3. Order was packed superbly in a really good, sturdy box with bubble wrap inside
4. You do not insist on recorded delivery for overseas orders - saves customers a lot of money
5. Overall: fantastic service!
I will certainly return to you when we need some more.Every best wish,

-Peter, France

Thank you very much for your prompt action taken.  You work on very top efficiency.  I appreciate it very much. 

Thanks again.

- Teresa, 香港



- Mei-Hui, China

Your products work good  and  also  have  a  good service. You have good price on your products and you  take  your  order right on time.I also like  your service. My name  is  Rajinder Sandhu from Prince George BC. Thank you  for your good service.

- Rajinder, Canada 


I am absolutely delighted with the product, the lightening speed in which it was delivered and also the way my enquiry on the telephone was handled by the lady I spoke to. I moved to Britain a year ago and have been looking for a good, reliable company to provide the products not available here and I am thrilled to have found it in your company. Well done, I look forward to purchasing on a regular basis and have been pleased to recommend you to friends and family. 

- Dawn-Marie, Britain


- 書銘, 台灣




- 丰捷, 台灣


令人賓至如歸 :-)

-connie, 香港


- Erin, 台灣


- Mei-hui, 中國

貨品包裝完整, 送貨迅速, 還會再光顧, 謝謝.

- 蔡小姐, 台灣

 "Actually, this is my first times oversea shopping via internet, I feel very confidence to deal with 加拿大天然維他命公司 especially their customer service provided very professional, efficiency services regardless enquire as well as follow up. I'll continue be your client again!"

- CK, 香港


- 陳小姐, 台灣

Thank you for your promotional info.  Yeah I've received my order some weeks ago.  I start consuming now and your products are great.  Please continue to let me know your promotional events.

- Jessica, Hong Kong 

I was recently a first-time buyer with you and found your website easy to navigate and the shopping cart check-out system well thought out.
On top of that, I received the ordered products (at an excellent price lower than the major chains) in just a few days.I will be back.  Thank you.- Brian, Kitchener, ON , Canada 

I received the parcel a  week ago. It's really a good experience to order from your company.  The efficency is much higher than the one that I usually order in USA.
- Marie, Hong Kong


- Ms. Lai, 香港 

I picked up the package on Saturday.  Thank you very much.  My mother is so happy
Many thanks,
- Judith, 香港

 "I have received the products and was delighted that it came to Singapore so quick from Canada.   The whole process from ordering online to receiving the products was very easy and efficent on your part, thank you.  I would definately look forward to buying more products from you."
- Larry, Singapore

非常謝謝您的幫忙!!Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.  

祝福您Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.~~永遠平安健康快樂!!

- 周小姐, 台灣

"I received a shipment. Product was as described at website. Delivery was very fast.  I’m very satisfied with a purchase at Natural Vitamin Direct Inc."

- Jarek, Poland

謝謝妳高效率的協助幫忙, 貨品6罐己收到無誤.
預祝 貴公司生意興隆!

- Angela, 台灣

我己經預期收到訂貨, 多謝你們100分的服務, 我和家人會繼續服用你們的產品,並且會推介給我們太極會朋友.

-Peter, 台灣  

祝 業務大好

- 李先生, 台灣

謝謝你這麼迅速地已把貨寄出,謝謝 !

- Grace, 台灣

 "This is a message to notify you that the Vitamines already have arrived today in good order.  Thank you again for the quick and adequate sending."
- Lena, Australia

"The order was received 2 weeks ago and is in very good condition. The delivery time is much shorter than I expect.  Thank you for your help and I will keep on ordering from you shop in future."

- Kantstant, Japan

"I have received the products & I’m very pleased to say that I was impressed by your professionalism. I have no problems either with the delivery or the products. I’ll sure make an other order as soon as I need one. Thank you very much for contacting me."- Elpida, Greece

"I just want to thank you for the quick delivery of the product I ordered.  I am so glad I found out about Natural Vitamin Direct."- Adrienne, Canada

"You have provided excellent service, thank you.  I will be using your service again in the future."- Cheryl

"I received my shipment prompt as promised and I received excellent support in putting together my special order. All in all, a very enjoyable experience dealing with your company and I will not hesitate to purchase from you again in the future."- Richard, Canada

"Great service as always.  I particularly appreciated your letting me know the expiration date on my bulk purchase so I could modify it to keep things fresh.  Your placing customers over profit will keep me coming back!thanks"- Mike, United States

"Thank you for the message I received the packege in less than one week I was surprised .

I will contact you again in about 4 month to get more and this time I think I'll use ground .Again thank you "- Malcome :-) , Canada

"Once we found the Natural Vitamin Direct, Inc. website, we were delighted to find the exact product we wanted and at a price less that half that being charged in the only local drug store which carried the product. As a result, we ordered six containers. The paperwork which flowed from our order was detailed and unambiguous. The package arrived well within the promised period, which is more than I can say about our personal experiences with Canada Post sending small packages to our children in Toronto!! We are most pleased with the online buying experience from Natural Vitamin Direct and we WILL be doing it again. Thank you." - Louis, Canada

"I was pleasing surprised to receive my order so promptly and immediatly decided to order from your company whenever I can.  You prices are good, especially with free deliver over a certain amount of money."

- M Pascal, Canada 

"I received my parcel very rapidly and I am pleased with both the product and the delivery.
Your work made a very satisfied customer.Thank you very much."- Louise, Canada

"My order arrived here in good shape and I started using it right away. I actually got the information for your product from a cookbook for diabetics, that I purchased through Prevention magazine. Although I am not diabetic, this has worked for me in my quest to loose weight and keep myself healthy.I purchased both a chocolate flavor, as well as a vanilla. I like the chocolate flavor very much and have actually had no problems drinking it twice a day. I did try the vanilla flavor, but I found this to be too strong tasting and was not really excited about it. I also purchased some of the PGX pills to control your appetite. I have only used those once, as I was trying to figure out my schedule of when to drink my two meals in conjunction with work.I have now been drinking this for the past 4 weeks and have dropped 23 pounds. I couldn't be more thrilled. I've gotten back into my exercise program and watch what I eat at my meal and this seems to be working out great. I haven't been hungry, I actually haven't craved sweets or chocolate and my only vice so far has been spicy. I have found that I have a lot more energy during the day while I'm at work and since I have been putting in 12 hour days lately, this has been very helpful. I found your product sold locally in Arizona at Sprouts, which is an organic grocery store. This has been a real help and I keep them out of stock!!Again, sorry about going on, but I can tell you that I haven't been excited about loosing weight in a long time and right now I am very jazzed about my success. The great thing is that clothes in my closet are already starting to get baggy and people at work have noticed the difference already."- Patti, United States 

"Thank you very much. I received my order and I am taking my vitamins as required. Many thanks for a good service. I have passed on the website to my friends who have similar condition.Regards and thanks,"- Tess, Australia

"We got the parcel – everything perfect. Well done. We think you do a great job in providing your products. Products themselves are helpful and really enhance the well-being within our family.Thanks and kind regards,"- Christian, Switzerland