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Echinacea is a genus consisting of nine species of flowering plants in the Family Asteraceae, all native to eastern North America, and often known as the purple coneflower. ECHINAMIDE® and potent herbs for immune support and to help you fight off that cold or flu. Only Natural Factors ECHINAMIDE® extract has been proven to consistently enhance immune system function. ECHINAMIDE is a patent pending extract of E. purpurea, certified organic echinacea grown in BC's Okanagan Valley at Factor Farms.

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Enzymatic Therapy Esberitox® 300mg, 100 tabs

Product Code: ET1547
Sales price: $22.99

Natural Factors Anti-Cold,Clinical Strength, 90 softgels

Product Code: NF4524
Sales price: $15.87

Natural Factors Anti-Viral Formula, 100mL

Product Code: NF4751
Sales price: $23.37

Natural Factors Anti-Viral Formula, 50ml

Product Code: NF4750
Sales price: $12.69

Natural Factors Echinamide Anti-Viral, 60 Softgels

Product Code: NF4700
Sales price: $19.00

Natural Factors ECHINAMIDE™ Cough & Cold Syrup, 150 ml

Product Code: NF4760
Sales price: $13.69

Natural Factors ECHINAMIDE™ Extract - Natural Berry, Alcohol Free, 50 ml

Product Code: NF4728
Sales price: $14.10

Organika Enhanced Echinacea Extract, 30 mL

Product Code: OR2130
Sales price: $9.80

Organika Holy Basil, 500mg, 60 vegetarian capsules

Product Code: OR1443
Sales price: $20.99

Webber Naturals Echinacea Herb 500 mg, 120+60caps

Product Code: WN5087
Sales price: $14.99

Webber Naturals Echinacea Standardized Herb 8:1 Extract, 2100mg, 90 Softgels Bonus

Product Code: WN5088
Sales price: $11.00

Webber Naturals EchinaMax™ Echinacea 2500mg, 60 Softgels

Product Code: WN3511
Sales price: $11.99


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