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Spektrum - PROSPEK 50 Amber A116

Made from polycarbonate for maximum durability without sacrificing all day comfort, the glasses are designed, patented and 3rd party tested to allow brilliant color and clarity while maximizing blue light blocking.

PROSPEK lenses have several coatings to provide maximum protection for your eyes while improving your computer and phone viewing experience. They have Scratch Resistance, Anti-Reflective, Anti-Glare, Anti-Fog and Anti-Fingerprint coating protection..
Product Code: SG5948
Rating: Not Rated Yet
Our Price:$62.95
Promotional Price:$46.99
You Save 25%


50% blue light blocking technology that blocks the most harmful blue light
Blocks 100% of harmful UVA and UVB light
Get Your 8 Hours: Sleep well again. Blue light may be the biggest culprit when it comes to you not getting enough sleep
Preventative Protection: Exposure to blue light over a long period of time can permanently damage your eyes
8 Layers of Protection: Our glasses come with 8 layers of protection to keep your eyes and your glasses safe
No More Headaches: Say goodbye to headaches caused by your computer, PROSPEK users report no more migraines!
Satisfaction Guaranteed: We demand you are satisfied! If you don't like your glasses after 90 days, you get your money back!
Note: These are not Prescription reading glasses
Feel Great. Look Great.

Our eyes may be the windows to the soul but they weren't designed to stare at a smartphone. Eyestrain from blue light can cause headaches and sleeplessness. We've got you. Our glasses provide maximum protection with cool options to fit your personal style.

The Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light is produced naturally by the sun but also generated by computer monitors, smartphone screens and other digital devices. Even though it does have some beneficial effects, overexposure and too much blue light at night can lead to vision issues and sleeping problems. Read on to learn more about the risks of blue light.

UV Light & The Importance of Good Sunglasses

We all know that gloriously sunny days come with risks. The sting of a sunburn and the increased risk of skin cancer are well known but the danger to our eyes and vision shouldn't be overlooked. Yes, put on sunscreen...but don't forget a good pair of sunglasses! Learn more about UV light, where it comes from and how you can protect yourself.


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