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The “Rich” Line of super strength concentrates was developed by Natural Factors to take the richness of fruits, berries, and medicinal plants, and make them available year-round in the form of concentrated nutritional supplements.  Natural Vitamin Direct has a comprehensive selection of Natural Factors products from the RichLine.

"At Natural Factors we begin with the best ingredients available. Whenever possible we source them locally, or grow them ourselves at our organic farms in the Okanagan valley of BC. But not every plant can be grown in Canada, so we search the world for superior quality, sustainably grown fruits, berries, and medicinal plants. Then we use our innovative EnviroSimplex® process to produce a highly concentrated extract that retains so much of the original plant that it rivals “fresh.” Every product contains guaranteed levels of the main active ingredients that are key to its therapeutic benefits."

Since 1980 SISU has formulated and distributed premium SISU vitamins and supplements to the natural health product industry, where knowledgeable store recommenders and health professionals help people improve their health, and prevent disease with the use of SISU vitamins and supplements.

Today, SISU offers more than 160 products in ten wellness categories. SISU products are SAFE - the purest raw materials and uncompromised quality control testing, EFFECTIVE- therapeutic formulas based on clinical research and PREMIUM - standards that exceed Canadian regulatory requirements.

The corporate headquarters in Burnaby accommodate a New Product Development team as well as Marketing, Quality Control, and Research and Development departments. From warehouses in Burnaby and Montreal, SISU distributes to over 1400 Canadian Health Supplement Retailers.

The word "sisu," (pronounced see-sue), can be loosely translated from Finnish as "strength and stubborn determination" combined with "stamina and courage" - especially when overcoming obstacles. At SISU, this definition appropriately explains our devotion to the design and development of premium vitamins and supplements. It also speaks to those who take assertive command of their health and wellness - people like our customers. SISU can help you release your inner strength™.

What exactly is Ester-C®?

  • Ester-C® is a unique and patented form of Calcium Ascorbate, which is created when ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is buffered with calcium.
  • Ester-C® takes Calcium ascorbate and, using a proprietary, water-based manufacturing process, produces a pH neutral product that contains active Vitamin C metabolites (that do not exist in any other form of Vitamin C, including Calcium ascorbate).
  • These natural metabolites provide quick absorption.
  • Ester-C® also functions biologically like other forms of Vitamin C, providing benefits for skin, joint and vision health, cardiovascular support, antioxidant protection and immune system wellness.

At, you can find most of the SISU products which you need. 

The award-winning hair care products from Prairie Naturals are formulated with natural ingredients to give you beautiful, healthy looking hair without the questionable additives found in traditional products. These premium quality shampoos and conditioners deliver the results you demand with concentrated nutrients, botanical extracts and pure plant essential oils.

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