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Skincare is a concern for many people - everyone is trying to improve their skin tone, moisturize, reduce signs of aging and appear younger and healthier. Many commercial skincare products contain harsh chemicals that are bad for your skin and with continued use can lead to unpleasant side effects. We'll look at natural products that are available to keep your skin looking it's best without the worry of dangerous ingredients. Read more...

In light of what has transpired in Japan’s earthquake resulting in damages to the nuclear power plant and potential spread of radiation, we are presenting concrete information to help answer some of the questions that consumers may have in regards to the effects of Spirulina in supporting the treatment for radiation-related health issues.

Earthrise is providing research findings which indicate that Spirulina has a strong potential to be used as an adjunct to other means of radiation protection.


For some people there are only two seasons – winter and allergy. From the first grains of springtime pollen to the fresh cut lawns of summer to the ragweed and hayfever that are just around the corner, the joys of spring and summer and often ruined for allergy sufferers. Prescription antihistamines can have undesirable side effects, yet so many people who would prefer to avoid those drugs eventually resort to taking them out of desperation – until they discover Quercetin.



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