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For some people there are only two seasons – winter and allergy. From the first grains of springtime pollen to the fresh cut lawns of summer to the ragweed and hayfever that are just around the corner, the joys of spring and summer and often ruined for allergy sufferers. Prescription antihistamines can have undesirable side effects, yet so many people who would prefer to avoid those drugs eventually resort to taking them out of desperation – until they discover Quercetin.


Diabetes, the result of an inability to keep blood sugar levels within normal range, is a major health problem especially in North America. It is reportedly the third leading cause of death following heart disease and cancer.

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, more than three million Canadians have diabetes. Now, more than ever, there is a growing concern as type 2 diabetes contributes to 90% of all diabetic cases in Canada. The relatively good news is that type 2 diabetes, in many cases, can be controlled or even reversed by long term commitment to good nutrition and life-style adjustment.

Spirulina (also called Arthrospira) is a microscopic, beautifully coiled “micro-vegetable” that is packed with plenty of health promoting phytonutrients. This tiny organism has 3.5 billion years of existence and has been used as food for centuries. It was the marvel food of the Aztecs, who used it as an energy boosting food. The Kanebu’s of Africa are currently eating it almost religiously as their sole source of protein. Spirulina has been declared as the food of the future by the United Nations and is being researched as a life support system for long space explorations by NASA the European and Japanese space agencies.


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