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A staff favourite for fighting off colds is Natural Factors Antiviral - Fresh Herbal Tincture.  Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue writes this about AntiViral. " You don't have to feel helpless against viruses any longer.  These medicinal herbs are powerful weapons that can duel with, and often defeat, viral invaders."


Chia Seeds: A Superfood

WRITTEN BY  Margaret Peters

What's so super about chia seeds? Lots!

Lately, I've beem hearing a lot about chia seeds, and not in the same way that I would heard about them growing up; no, the current conversation regarding chia seeds has nothing to do with the Chia Pet plants that I used to (okay - still) love. Instead, chia seeds are now being heralded as one of the up and coming "superfoods."

If you have been a long time Glucosamine Sulphate user you are likely one of the over 7 out of 10 people that report success in using glucosamine sulphate to improve various form of arthritis.  As a long term consumer of Glucosamine in Canada, it is also likely that you have taken a Glucosamine containing Joint Formula made by Natural Factors Nutritional Products (hopefully ordered from Natural Vitamin Direct Inc!).


Recently, Natural Factors has added an innovative component to the already effective joint health product line; this ingredient is called NEM or Natural Eggshell Membrane. 



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