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If you have been a long time Glucosamine Sulphate user you are likely one of the over 7 out of 10 people that report success in using glucosamine sulphate to improve various form of arthritis.  As a long term consumer of Glucosamine in Canada, it is also likely that you have taken a Glucosamine containing Joint Formula made by Natural Factors Nutritional Products (hopefully ordered from Natural Vitamin Direct Inc!).


Recently, Natural Factors has added an innovative component to the already effective joint health product line; this ingredient is called NEM or Natural Eggshell Membrane. 

Think you can put off taking calcium till you’re older? Lots of women feel the same way. And we understand why. After all, calcium helps prevent osteoporosis, which increases the risk of bone fractures later in life. But get this: calcium plays a surprising role in overall good health throughout life!
A natural joint care solution may be the next best thing to a time machine for getting your old joints back. Not only will it help relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation, it’ll get you moving again.


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