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Dear Customers,

You may experience longer shipping times than usual because the world is responding to the coronavirus pandemic. We want to share with you some of the challenges that have emerged.

  • Courier companies have suspended service entirely to some countries.
  • The reduction of flights / trucks between countries means limited cargo space.
  • Safety protocols, such as social distance, mean that processing and sorting centers have slowed down.
  • Shipment volume is increasing. Because people are cut off from the world, many people have turned to online shopping, which has led to high volumes almost equivalent to the Christmas holiday season.
  • With the adjustment of government offices, delays in customs processing have also increased.

United States-The delivery time to some parts of the United States is delayed by more than 14 days from the normal delivery time standard. We are working hard to work with Canada Post / US Postal to resolve any ongoing issues.

"Mail and parcels sent to all regions of the United States continue to be delivered. To protect employees and the public from the spread of coronavirus, changes in USPS operations and delivery processes may affect delivery time." --Canada Post .

Some countries have completely suspended their services, such as Spain, Portugal and India. Once the service is restored, we hope to deliver again. will do its utmost to help all our customers receive their orders. Please do not hesitate, please contact us.


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Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.


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