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Omega 3.6.9

Unsaturated essential fatty acids,EFA, are vital to circulation, hemoglobin production, healthy skin, prostaglandin synthesis, brain development, immune function and anti-inflammatory response.

(Promotional Product) 2x Natural Factors Ultimate Omega Factors, 180 softgels

Product Code: NF2261-S2
Sales price: $47.25

Bill Natural Sources Omega 3-6-9 1000mg, 120 softgels

Product Code: BB8416
Sales price: $10.46

Bill Omega-3 Fish Oil Orange Burst, 300 chewable softgels

Product Code: BB0493
Sales price: $17.50

Health Balance Flaxseed Oil, 1300mg, 240 SG

Product Code: HB0612
Sales price: $15.50

IronKids Essentials Omega-3 Gummies, 200 gummies

Product Code: IK0027
Sales price: $16.70

Jamieson CoQ10 with Omega-3, 30 softgels

Product Code: JL5870
Sales price: $15.49

Jamieson Omega 3-6-9, 150+50 softgels

Product Code: JL6231
Sales price: $27.97

Jamieson Omega 3-6-9. 280 SG

Product Code: JL9038
Sales price: $22.75

Jamieson Omega Complete™ Extra Strength Super Krill 500 mg, 100 softgels

Product Code: JL7844
Sales price: $43.22

Jamieson Omega Complete™ Extra Strength Super Krill 500 mg, 60 softgels

Product Code: JL7843
Sales price: $28.02

Jamieson Omega Complete™ Ultra Strength Super Krill 1000 mg, 30 softgels

Product Code: JL7846
Sales price: $28.02

Jamieson Omega-3 Brain 1,000 mg

Product Code: JL2748
Sales price: $17.49

Jamieson Omega-3 Complete 1000mg

Product Code: JL2546
Sales price: $16.14

Jamieson Omega-3 Extra Strength, 700mg, 100 SG

Product Code: JL7920
Sales price: $18.08

Jamieson Omega-3 Ultra Strength, 900mg, 75 SG

Product Code: JL7857
Sales price: $18.08

Jamieson Salmon & Fish Oils Omega-3 Complex, 150+50 BONUS softgels

Product Code: JL6705
Sales price: $12.10

Kirkland Super Concentrate Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000mg, 300SG

Product Code: KS9861
Sales price: $33.75

Natural Factors Omega Factors Ultimate 3•6•9, 180 softgels

Product Code: NF2261
Sales price: $26.25
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