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All clearance products have expiry date less than 1 year. Please double check the expiry date before purchase. Canada post surface is not recommended for clearance products.  

【clearance】Sunkist Vitamin C + D, Chewable Juicy Orange, 80 tablets EXP:2020/02

Product Code: SK7414
Sales price: $3.80

Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment, 15g

Product Code: BU7500
Sales price: $5.50

【clearance】SISU Folic Acid 1mg, (cardiovascular health line) 90 caps EXP:2020/02

Product Code: SU1024-C
Sales price: $4.50

【clearance】Webber Naturals Vitamin D3 KIDS 400iu, 35mL EXP:2020/05

Product Code: WN3332-C
Sales price: $4.89

【clearance】Jamieson Vitamin D3, 1000IU, 100 tablets EXP:2019/10

Product Code: JL2200-C
Sales price: $3.00

【clearance】Earth Mama Milkmaid Tea, 16 tea bags, 35g EXP:2020/06

Product Code: EM0096
Sales price: $5.00

【clearance】Earth Mama Organic No More Milk Tea, 16 tea bags, 35g EXP :2019/11

Product Code: EM0129
Sales price: $5.00

[Clearance]Treehouse Omega 3 Liquid, Lemon Meringue, 165 ml(EXP: 09/2019)

Product Code: WN3005-C
Sales price: $6.00

【clearance】Treehouse Omega-3 Gummies with EPA and DHA, 60 gummies EXP:2019/10

Product Code: WN3013-C
Sales price: $7.59

【clearance】BOIRON Coryzalia Homeopathic Medicine for Cold, 10 x 1mL EXP:2019/12

Product Code: BR7489
Sales price: $6.00

【clearance】Webber Naturals Cod Liver Oil, 1250IU/100IU, 180 softgels EXP:2019/11

Product Code: WN5086
Sales price: $5.00

[Clearance]Webber Naturals Vitamin K2 + D3, 30sgs(EXP: 2020/02)

Product Code: WN3539-C
Sales price: $5.00

[clearance]Bill Natural Sources DHA Seal Oil Orange 500mg 120 softgels EXP:2019/10

Product Code: BB8404-C
Sales price: $5.00

【clearance】Nature's Way Senna Leaves, 100 Vcaps EXP:2019/12/31

Product Code: NW0441-C
Sales price: $8.00

【clearance】Holista Restorativ™ Pure Vitamin E Oil 28,000 IU EXP:2019/12

Product Code: HO0245-C
Sales price: $7.69

【clearance】Red Maple Naturals Grape Seed Extract 100mg, 90 caps EXP:2019/9

Product Code: RM4535
Sales price: $5.50

【clearance】Jamieson Mega Cal™ Calcium, 650 mg, 120 Caplets Bonus EXP:2020/05

Product Code: JL4870-C
Sales price: $9.00
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