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Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is used to treat rheumatism (muscle pain and arthritis), hot flushes, night sweating and other symptoms commonly associated with menopause, PMS and other menstrual irregularities.

Enzymatic Therapy NuFem™ (Black Cohosh Extract), 120 tabs

Product Code: ET7902
Sales price: $25.99

Holista® Black Cohosh, Healthy Size, 40mg

Product Code: HO0519
Sales price: $14.75

Natural Factors Black Cohosh 40mg, 90 vcapsules

Product Code: NF4925
Sales price: $7.90

Natural Factors Menopause Formula, 90 capsules

Product Code: NF4900
Sales price: $17.00

Webber Naturals Black Cohosh 40mg, 90 vcapsules

Product Code: WN3422
Sales price: $7.99


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