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Diabetes & Natural Blood Sugar Balance E-mail

Diabetes, the result of an inability to keep blood sugar levels within normal range, is a major health problem especially in North America. It is reportedly the third leading cause of death following heart disease and cancer.

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, more than three million Canadians have diabetes. Now, more than ever, there is a growing concern as type 2 diabetes contributes to 90% of all diabetic cases in Canada. The relatively good news is that type 2 diabetes, in many cases, can be controlled or even reversed by long term commitment to good nutrition and life-style adjustment.

‘Pre-diabetic’ conditions include hyperglycemia, Metabolic Syndrome (also called Syndrome X) and insulin resistance. Diabetes can cause serious health complications that may lead to blindness, amputation, as well as heart disease. It is important to address blood sugar if one wants a long and healthy life.

There are many products that can help to balance blood sugar levels naturally and without side effects that many drugs have. It is important to consult with your physician to ensure that blood sugar levels are monitored properly and drug dosage is adjusted to compensate for the actions of these products.


A high-potency multiple vitamin and mineral formula is an absolute must for people with blood sugar concerns. Taking a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement has also been shown to boost immune function and reduce infections. Specific examples of nutrients needs for those living with insulin resistance are more chromium, vitamin C, vitamin E, certain B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and manganese. Supplying these additional key nutrients has been shown to improve blood sugar control as well as to help prevent or reduce the development of major complications of blood glucose imbalances.

is a mineral nutrient that enhances insulin sensitivity. Chromium deficiency is a possible contributing factor in the development of pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. Many nutritional experts believe that attention to daily chromium supplementation is a factor in blood sugar management.
Natural Factors WellBetX™ Complete Diabetic Multi Vitamin & Mineral Formula, 120 tabs
Natural Factors WellBetX™  Complete Diabetic Multi Vitamin & Mineral Formula, 120 tabs
Regular: CAD$25.50
Our Price: CAD$21.50
Vitamin B - Niacin, like chromium, is an essential component of the glucose tolerance factor, making it a key nutrient for hypoglycemia and diabetes. Supplementing the diet with vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide has been shown to exert many favorable effects.

Vitamin C
may be helpful for people with diabetes in a number of ways. In addition to its role as an antioxidant, vitamin C is required in immune functions and the manufacture of collagen, an important structural component of blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, and bone.

Zinc is the most valuable mineral to diabetics; it is involved in virtually all aspects of insulin metabolism: synthesis, secretion, and utilization.

Herbal Support

Natural Factors WellBetX™ GlucoRegulator, 120 tabs
Natural Factors WellBetX™  GlucoRegulator, 120 tabs
Regular: CAD$26.00
Our Price: CAD$22.00
Herbal formulas are a popular way to naturally achieve improved glycemic control and to help ease or prevent symptoms of fluctuating blood sugar levels, such as tiredness, weight gain or weight loss, headaches, and depression without significant side effects.

They can help those with blood sugar challenges by moderating blood sugar highs and lows.

The three key ingredients associated with safely lowering blood sugar are Gymnema sylvestre extract, Bitter Melon extract, and Fenugreek seed powder. These herbs have been used for blood sugar control by many cultures since ancient times and now science is proving their abilities to radically improve blood sugar control and insulin balance, resulting in better health, energy and weight control. Each herb in the formula has an excellent safety profile. Each component is helpful for blood sugar control and insulin balance.

Gymnema sylvestre safely lowers blood sugar by increasing insulin’s effectiveness, so the sugar is more easily moved out of the blood and into the tissues to be absorbed for energy.

Bitter Melon, widely cultivated in Asia, Africa, and South America, is a cucumber-like vegetable containing a blend of sterols, collectively known as “charantin”. It has blood sugar lowering effects comparable to the pharmaceutical drug, Tolbutamide®.

Fenugreek seed powder is shown to improve results of glucose tolerance test and lower 24-hour urinary glucose excretion. It may also reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Supplemental Products

Natural Factors WellBetX™ Cinnamon Extract, 60 caps
Natural Factors WellBetX™ Cinnamon Extract, 60 caps
Regular: CAD$17.99
Our Price: CAD$14.99

WellBetX Cinnamon is a patented water extract of cinnamon containing bioactive compounds with insulin like effects that can increase glucose uptake by 20-fold. Cinnamon extract helps to improve insulin function and fasting glucose levels in Type II diabetes. Cinnamon may have long-term benefits for those living with blood glucose imbalances as well as high blood pressure. It has been observed that cinnamon may help restore healthy LDL and total cholesterol levels and help reduce blood pressure.

Mulberry Extract

Mulberry Extract contains an effective alpha-glucosidase enzyme inhibitor which helps to prevent complex carbohydrates, starches, maltose and sucrose from breaking down into highly absorbable glucose molecules in the digestive tract. Mulberry also contains other compounds that improve blood sugar control. Mulberry Extract also provides significant antioxidant effects
Natural Factors WellBetX Mulberry Extract 100 mg, 90 caps
Natural Factors WellBetX Mulberry Extract 100 mg, 90 caps
Regular: CAD$15.45
Our Price: CAD$9.45
indicated by reducing the amount of free radical damage to red blood cell membranes.

Chromium & Vanadium

This combination of minerals is especially helpful for people with blood sugar difficulties as both minerals assist in glucose metabolism.

Chromium is a component of a molecule called glucose tolerance factor (GTF) that regulates blood sugar levels, making it beneficial for both high and low blood sugar problems. Chromium is involved in glucose metabolism and is the major mineral needed for insulin production - the hormone insulin will not work without chromium. When we get enough chromium our sensitivity to insulin is improved and blood sugar levels may become normalized, whereas insufficient chromium may be responsible for hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, glycosuria and insulin resistance.

Natural Factors Chromium & Vanadium, 125 mcg
Natural Factors Chromium & Vanadium, 125 mcg
Regular: CAD$6.50
Our Price: CAD$5.25
"Chromium works with insulin to drive sugar from your blood into the tissues of your body for use or storage. This mineral is so important in sugar tolerance that severe deficiencies of it cause a diabetes-like illness to develop" Eades, Mary Dan, The Doctor's Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals, 1994, The Philip Lief Group, Inc.

Chromium GTF (glucose tolerance factor) is a very easily absorbed form of chromium, naturally derived from yeast in the safe trivalent form. GTF chromium is naturally bound to glycine, glutamic acid, cysteine and niacin. In contrast, industrial chromium is in a hexavalent form and is toxic.

Chromium GTF may help to balance blood glucose levels, help curb sugar cravings and aid in the maintenance of healthy weight.

Vanadium is an ultra-trace mineral found in our body and in a variety of foods. Vanadium seems to help improve blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. Often as people age, their cell receptors sites are not as responsive to their own production of insulin, causing a dangerous rise in blood sugar. Studies show that vanadium may improve glucose tolerance in persons with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM).

Chromium and Vanadium work better together to offer better support by helping balance blood glucose levels, curb sugar cravings and aid in the maintenance of healthy weight.


Last Updated ( Friday, 11 March 2011 )
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